Last year, Tennessee's wide receiver coach Charlie Baggett successfully secured the Vols top signee in DeAnthony Arnett. A Michigan native, Baggett is still going back to his roots for the class of 2012. While defensive tackle Ondre Pipkens is currently living in Missouri, he and Baggett go back quite a ways.

"I've known him (Baggett) for a long time now. I have built a great relationship with him and he draws me to Tennessee a lot." Pipkens expressed.

Obviously, the lack of depth and all around talent has been a point of concern for the Vols. But going after big bodies in this years class will certainly help Tennessee to rectify that problem in the the near future. 

"I know the lack of depth there is low. They (UT) have a couple of good guys coming in. You always recruit to get better and if I chose Tennessee and developed right I think I could come in and produce well enough."

For Pipkens, the receivers coach is not the only thing that is drawing his attention to the Vols.

"I like everything about their tradition. They have young talent and when all of the pieces get there they will be good. The whole coaching staff is great."

Along with such great praise given to the Vols, Pipken is still looking at a few more schools that will have the "best plan for Ondre Pipkens."

"Alabama, Michigan, Tennessee, and Missouri are really sticking out to me right now. I have built a great relationship with all of the coaches. I like coach Williams (Alabama coach) and I'm very family with Michigan. Me and Coach Baggett have a real good relationship as well. But I really like Missouri as well since they were the first ones to offer me. I have a great relationship with their coaches."

Being a Saginaw native, Pipkens and incoming freshman receiver DeAnthony Arnett really seem to have a close relationship as well.

"DeAnthony is like my brother", Pipkens started. "He gives me advice when I ask for it and will support my decision even if it's not Tennessee."

Pipkens is still not rushing his recruitment. Even though he has narrowed down his list of schools, he is still not ready to decide.

"I am going to make another cut around July to focus on the ones that I would really want to go to. I would probably want to make my decision around late November or early December. I want to work out right now,and help my team win the State Championship. I am concentrating more on my school work,"

Pipkens may be a tough pull, but many hope that it can be done. While the Vols only have two true commits at the moment, they would like to start racking up going into the fall and winter.


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