Tennessee commit Justin King has been ready to get up to Knoxville to spend some time with his future teammates. This past weekend, King got the bonding time that he had been waiting for.

"It was simply amazing. I wanted to get to spend a lot of time with my future teammates, and try to build that bond between us. It was a very great experience for me, as well as my teammates."

Not only was it a great time for King it was also the first that his family got the opportunity to go with him to Knoxville to visit Vols.

"I got the chance to take my dad, my mom, and my little brother. My dad really enjoyed it, while my mom was looking more on the academic side, which she said really liked what resources they had for me after football."

While it was not his first visit to Rocky Top, it was the future Vol's first time to see Rocky Top with new defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri.

"When Coach Wilcox and Sirmon left it really caught me off guard. But Coach Dooley called me and told me to just keep faith in what they were doing, and I did. Coach Sal is all business on the field. But off the field he is someone that you can go and talk if you need to. He is very outgoing and wants to interact with his players. "

King doesn't have any special plans for National Signing Day other than officially signing his letter of intent in his high school's auditorium.