Justin King has not gained the National attention like other top recruits have recently. However, the Dunwoody, Georgia athlete/linebacker wants people to see him as a "smart football player."

"I think I have great football IQ. I'll play wherever the program wants me to. I'm not going to be one of these players that going to say I'm gonna play here."

The Vols hope to land King to fill the drastic need at linebacker. Listed at 6'3" and 215-lbs, King has had to play quarterback for the Wildcats and hasn't had the chance to show his abilities on the defensive side of the ball.

Many fans may find it questionable to offer a guy that hasn't played much defense, but in his only start on defense last year King had 13 tackles and 3 sacks.

The Vols are just the latest to offer the athlete from the Peach State, but he already knows what the Vols have to offer.

"Coach Dooley is bringing the program back around. I love Eric Berry. They put guys in the league and I hope to do that as well. I know that they have a huge quarterback. Bray I think is his name. He is a huge guy who got some quality playing time his first year."

However, King also mentioned some added benefits if he chooses to be apart of the Volunteer class.

"My dad lives in Memphis and my brother is from Cookeville (TN). My dad wants to be able to watch us both play."

With so many benefits, King seems to be looking for everything the Vols try to pitch.

"I value education. I want to make sure I'm comfortable with the coaching staff, and want to be able to trust them. I want a coach that cares for me off the field, along with after football. I want to be around people that will help groom me into a man. I also want some quality playing time as a freshman. I want to be able to compete right away and hopefully win a award or something."

The Dunwoody star seems to like everything the Tennessee coaching staff has to sell. 

"Coach Sirmon is real truthful. He is one of those guys that doesn't shoot the bull and is very honest and truthful. That is what I really like."

With 10-plus offers, King is excited to see more of the Vols when he visits Knoxville in the next few weeks. He will also visit Georgia for their one night camp with some teammates. The Georgia athlete said he will make his decision before his senior season to in order to work harder for his team.


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