When you think about what the top athletic prospects want in a program, the idea of academics does come up, but it doesn't usually appear to be the number one priority. For Woodward Academy (College Park, GA) defensive tackle Jordan Watkins, it is the number one priority.

Watkins, a four-star defensive tackle, has trimmed his list down from 35 to 16 suitors. The Vols have apparently made quite the impression as Watkins claims Tennessee in that top 16.

Watkins discussed academics and much more with KnoxVegasVols for this week's edition of Cody's Corner.

What do you think of Tennessee football?

I've been a follower for Tennessee for a while now. I like them and the way they play.

What do you think of the coaching staff?

Both Coach Joseph and Coach Thompson seem like good guys. The more I talk to Lance Thompson the more I realize we are kind of alike in the things we like. It's pretty cool to see a college coach who could talk about the bass in a orchestra with me.

What visits do you have planned so far?

I'm going to Alabama this Friday. I will visit Florida and Miami(Fla) next weekend, but the rest is up in the air right now.

Do you think the Vols have a chance to get a visit?

I think it's possible. I have to see how everything goes, because I"m thinking about cutting my list again.

What do you think of Tennessee academically?

From things I read, it seems like it's a good academic institution for broadcast journalism, which is what I want to study.

What are some other factors for you that will make your final decision.

Two biggest are strength in academics,and the strength in the football. Thirdly, I'd say the networking possibilities. Once football is said and done, I want to be in a position where I can get a good broadcasting opportunity somewhere.

When do you think you'll be able to make another cut?

I'm not sure right now, because I have more research to do on a lot of these schools.


Watkins will be a major get for whoever he chooses. With no worries in the classroom, Watkins will be a major contributor on the field, as well.

While he is still is weighing his options, many Vols fans hope to see Watkins running through the T one day.


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