We've reached the approximate midpoint of the college football season. And compared to recent years in this great sport, this one has been fairly mild. 

No major upsets. No major changes in the polls. That's not to say that the season has been boring, but the major focus so far has been on "Who's eligible to play?" and "What uniforms are my team gonna wear this week?"

And even with all of the predictability, I'm still a very ho-hum 92-28 on my picks this season.  Some things never change.


Indiana (1-5) at #4 Wisconsin (5-0) – Two things I’m wondering.  Why does Wisconsin get Indiana at home for two straight years?  And will this one be worse than the 83-20 result last season? Badgers 63-7

#11 Michigan (6-0) at #23 Michigan State (4-1) – This is where UM’s season has gone south the last couple of years.  Time to see if Brady Hoke has really made some progress. Wolverines 31-21

#15 South Carolina (5-1) at Mississippi State (3-3) – Conner Shaw’s numbers against Kentucky surpassed Stephen Garcia’s career output. Gamecocks 42-14

#20 Baylor (4-1) at #21 Texas A&M (3-2) – The Aggies better hope that no geographical consideration continues to be given to conference expansion so that they can join the SEC east.  Bears 38-35

Purdue (3-2) at Penn State (5-1) – I can’t write anything nice about either team, so I’ll not write anything at all.  Oh, that plan did not work out well. Nittany Lions 17-16

Utah (2-3) at Pittsburgh (3-3) – True story.  This was a BCS bowl matchup earlier this decade.  Look it up. Panthers 34-20

Miami (2-3) at North Carolina (5-1) – UNC has navigated quite nicely through a hefty amount of turmoil over the last several months. Tarheels 28-24 

#6 Oklahoma State (5-0) at #22 Texas (4-1) – As Texas learned last weekend, there’s quite a gap between good teams and great teams this season.  The ‘Horns play another “great” one this week.  Cowboys 49-30

#12 Georgia Tech (6-0) at Virginia (3-2) – Unless UVA pulls something unforeseen out of the hat, GT won’t have to deal with the distraction of the opponent’s uniforms in this game.  Jackets 35-14

Ohio State (3-3) at #16 Illinois (6-0) – The Buckeyes have not exactly embraced the role of the underdog, which makes sense since they aren’t used to being underdogs.  Illini 24-17

#1 LSU (6-0) at Tennessee (3-2) – For all you people banking on LSU and Alabama being unbeaten when they meet on November 5, just remember both have to get through the Vols first.  Tigers 34-10

#2 Alabama (6-0) at Ole Miss (2-3) – Much like the rest of the country, even the mighty SEC is notably top-heavy this season. Tide 41-6

# 19 Virginia Tech (5-1) at Wake Forest (4-1) – Can the Deacons make it two upsets in a row?  Hokies 28-27

#8 Clemson (6-0) at Maryland (2-3) – I know I’ve made fun of the Terps’ unis pretty much every week, but all of it has been deserved. Tigers 23-13

#17 Kansas State (5-0) at Texas Tech (4-1) – KState has bucked a decade-long trend and won in the Big 12 using a strong running game and a stout defense. Wildcats 38-30

Florida (4-2) at #24 Auburn (4-2) – Too bad we can’t bring back Tim Tebow and Cam Newton for this one.  Then again, Florida once had both of them on the same squad. Tigers 34-31

Georgia (4-2) at Vanderbilt (3-2) – So do teams that play in Knoxville one week and Nashville the next practice in Crossville in between? Bulldogs 28-3

#7 Stanford (5-0) at Washington State (3-2) – The problem with the strength of the highly ranked teams is that these rankings never change.  Stanford has been ranked seventh for like, three years in a row. Cardinal 45-13

#3 Oklahoma (5-0) at Kansas (2-3) – At least the Jayhawks can extract some revenge during basketball season. Sooners 48-17

#18 Arizona State (5-1) at #9 Oregon (4-1) – Pretty good chance I won’t be staying up to watch this one, but I might regret it. Ducks 42-35