Season Record: 122-38

Saturday, October 29


#11 Michigan State (6-1) at #14 Nebraska (6-1) – I’ve been burned the last two weeks by picking against the Spartans.  I know that’s not the best strategy for picking games, but my mind is made up.  Tom Izzo 28-27

Missouri (3-4) at Texas A&M (5-2) – Won’t it be great when this is a conference matchup?  Oh wait.  Twelfth Man 38-24

Purdue (4-3) at #18 Michigan (6-1) – Seems like a harmless game for the Wolverines, until you realize that they haven’t won a game after Columbus Day since the Bush administration (slight exaggeration).  Hail to the Victors 35-23

NC State (4-3) at Florida State (4-3) – This game needs a little spice.  I say we take the best players from both teams and play them against the Colts.  Tomahawks 30-14

#10 Arkansas (6-1) at Vanderbilt (4-3) – The Hogs survived a tougher-than-expected road test last week, and could be in for another this week.  Piglets 31-21

#12 Virginia Tech (7-1) at Duke (3-4) – Have I mentioned I’m ready for basketball season yet?  I have?  Ok, just checking.  Because a matchup like this just makes it worse.  Seth Greenberg 42-17

Washington State (3-4) at #7 Oregon (6-1) – Chances Oregon is looking ahead to Stanford?  Really high.  Chances it will make a difference in this one?  Really low.  Webbed Feet 49-16

Baylor (4-2) at #3 Oklahoma State (7-0) – The final score in this one may resemble a basketball game.  (See there, I did it again.  A little more subtle that time, but I did it). Okie Dokie State 52-41

#9 Oklahoma (6-1) at #8 Kansas State (7-0) – Funny that because the Sooners lost last weekend this one gains some luster.  Normally a matchup between unbeatens would be more anticipated.  Sam Bradford 34-30

Illinois (6-2) at #19 Penn State (7-1) – Trivia: what significance does the number 409 have in this game?  A) It could be Paterno’s 409th win, B) It will be Paterno’s 409th birthday.  Trick question.  Both are true (again, slight exaggeration).  Old, old, old, old, old, old, old school 13-10

#22 Georgia (5-2) vs. Florida (4-3) – And if this one isn’t good enough, the Broncos (Tebow) will play the Lions (Stafford) the next day.  Vince Dooley 31-28

#25 West Virginia (5-2) at Rutgers (5-2) – I have a hard time picking any school that sounds plural.  Coal Miners 35-20

Navy (2-5) at Notre Dame (4-3) – In a few decades, someone will look at a Notre Dame media guide and say, “They could’ve beaten Navy 85 times in a row if it weren’t for the late 2000s”.  Dr. Lou 32-19

Wake Forest (5-2) at North Carolina (5-3) – And to think that one of these teams will be bowl eligible after this one.  Demon Church Ministers 29-21

Ole Miss (2-5) at #23 Auburn (5-3) – Something about playing the Rebels brings out the best in opponents.  War Tigers 22-6

Mississippi State (3-4) at Kentucky (3-4) – The mighty SEC is more like The Great Two, The Pretty Good Five, and The Really Bad Five.  Bet you can’t guess where these squads fall.  Cowbells 24-15

#13 South Carolina (6-1) at Tennessee (3-4) – Cocky has struggled historically at Neyland.  Dooley’s tinkering with the depth chart quite a bit this week.  Might be desperation time.  Black unis, anyone?  Ole Ball Coach 28-16

#5 Clemson (8-0) at Georgia Tech (6-2) – The Jackets will be the favorite team of many fans in this one. Folks in Boise and Stillwater will be pulling especially hard for the triple option. Buzzzzzzzz 34-27

#6 Stanford (7-0) at USC (6-1) – I didn’t know College Gameday was allowed to go to campuses whose schools are on probation.  Lucky Andrew 45-26

#15 Wisconsin (6-1) at Ohio State (4-3) – Now that an undefeated season is not a possibility, the Badgers can resume their annual trek towards “We’re really good, we just never win the biggest games.”  Cheeseheads 29-23