On the extremely nauseating news front, it's difficult to decide which vile development induced more projectile vomiting on Sunday night. Tim Tebow's solid performance against Pittsburgh, or news from Jimmy Hyams that Tennessee has contacted former Illinois and Florida head coach Ron Zook about being the next defensive coordinator for the Volunteers.

Both of which left me doubled over in pain, and as an unabashed Tebow-hater I'm inclined to say Timmy's 316 yard day and ensuing hostile Twitter takeover takes the cake, but upon further review, it's the Zook news that seems to be the most unsettling.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate Tim Tebow as a human being, but I utterly despise the media darling and Jesus pandering that I am now fully taking part in. This notion that every single pass thrown somehow vindicates either Tebow's supporters or his detractors makes me constantly fear for the safety of my computer and my television. The rage Tebowmania induces makes me likely to smash either of them at any moment.

However, as bad as it is, I still think Zook might be worse. Once again, I don't mean to make it seem as though I've got a personal vendetta against the Zooker, but I simply don't think he's qualified to work any job outside of maybe serving gelato in Italy (if those bronzed Jersey Shore douches can handle it anyone can.)

Zook may only be 57-years old, but the mental lapses that seem to indicate early-onset dementia aren't exactly few and far between. He admitted to forgetting the score in a win over Indiana which was only shocking because it revealed that Zook could ACTUALLY count.

His recruiting prowess and resume may appear inticing to some, but as many members of my Twitterati have so eloquently put it, "NOOOOOOOO!"

I'd almost be in favor of them unearthing Al Davis' corpse and using him as a playsheet holder to fill UT's vacant defensive coordinator position than Ron Zook. At least the ghost of Al Davis understands the concept of winning.

The last few years have been disastrous for Tennessee fans, and hiring Zook just might be the worst development yet. Let's all pray that they put this to rest so we can all go back to watching a fully engorged Skip Bayless hype Tim Tebow with a clear conscious.