In the hours leading up to National Signing Day when message boards become comical and cell phone use in coach's offices across the country spikes to teenage girl proportions, there's usually a level of unpredictability that's unparalleled in the world of sports.

Hanging on the whims of increasingly finicky 17 and 18-year olds turned superstars, coaches and fans will gather around their fax machines and computers tomorrow morning with the expectations that anything can and will happen. Innards will be looped, swooped and pulled into knots and Kaopectate will free flow like keg beer.

For Tennessee fans and coaches, there's significantly less drama heading into National Signing Day in at least one regard; the number of remaining uncommitted prospects that are considering Tennessee has apparently been whittled down to four, though that's not to say that Wednesday will be completely without its drama by any means.

Four-star prospects Quinshad Davis, Amos Leggett, Korren Kirven and Corddarelle Patterson will all put their own spin on pulling and picking hats from bags that will leave several fanbases perched on the edge of their chairs before making their selections and setting forth a series of what-ifs and projection that won't stop until they finally lace them up for the first time next fall.

Korren Kirven will start from Day One, they'll say. I wonder if Amos Leggett can find a way to qualify, they'll wonder. These are the types of comments that we'll never be able to escape over the next seven-or-so months, but for the next 36 hours the speculation will be a bit more definitive. Will they sign or won't they sign?

Barring some major surprise, which their seems to be no shortage of when it comes to recruiting, the Vols are simply down to four. Add in a smidgen of drama from committed prospects like LaDarrell McNeil and Otha Peters, but for all intents and purposes, Davis, Leggett, Kirven and Patterson are what make up the "big board" in Derek Dooley's war room.

Then when it's all said and done, the real circus begins. Countless groups of fans and blowhard prognosticators will rush to declaring winners and losers as if there is some sort of finality to National Signing Day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

National Signing Day is just the beginning, and for Tennessee the next four years centers around the 20-25 players they'll presumably sign tomorrow, though the focus will be more specifically on the aforementioned four.