The sting of losing Otha Peters festered overnight for a slew of Vols fans, but an early double shot espresso via the nation's fourth-ranked JUCO prospect Cordarrelle Patterson has many fans in a considerably better mood early on National Signing Day.

Patterson allegedly made it known to all contenders that he had planned to sign on the dotted line with the Vols today, with plans to keep it under wraps until an 11:26 a.m. press conference. However, the cat is out of the horribly cliched bag (it's 6:35 in Chicago, give me a break).

Patterson's skills are dynamic and he figures to have an immediate impact in Knoxville as part of one of the nation's more well-rounded WR class. Patterson will be one of at least four (possibly five depending on Quinshad Davis) four-star wide receivers to sign with Tennessee today, and with two potential first-round draft picks already on the roster at the position, it may be safe to once again call Tennessee Wide Receiver U.

Jumbo WR Jason Croom has already signed his letter of intent, and the 6'5'' 220-pounder is an absolute horse after the catch, although he'll probably make his most immediate impact in the redzone. However, it's Patterson who will be the early favorite out of the newcomers to find the field, and for good reason.

Patterson combines prototypical wide receiver's size with solid top end speed and a workman's like mentality in the open field. But, of course, some fans will still deal with the trepidations of waiting on Patterson to sign on the dotted line later today.

Provided the Vols hold on, which seems a relative certainty, the Vols are off to a great start on National Signing Day.