A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new offer for Dunwoody, (GA) Athlete/Outside linebacker Justin King. The 6-3, 215-pound Peach State star recently took a trip to Rocky Top to see how comfortable he felt with the Vols. The three-star had some encouraging things to say about Knoxville.

"My visit was great. I loved it. I got to sit down with the defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox and Coach (Peter) Sirmon and talk about things. They were telling me things that I felt very comfortable with, and I felt like it was a second home to me."

Having a such a great feel for Tennessee, means the Vols' have "set themselves apart from everyone," according to King.

"Tennessee has such great tradition, academics, athletics, and the main thing--resources. Resources help you get places after football. The more resources you have the more you can accomplish. The facilties are another thing that is something words can't describe. You always dream of facilities like Tennessee has.I got to speak with Coach Mac about what they do in the weightroom, and he expressed how he pushes you get better. He doesn't do the same lifts that don't do any good, he pushes you and I want someone that will push me in the weightroom to get better. "

King would be a "Dooley-Type" player. Having such high class and character, the young man would be a great fit if he chooses to play on Rocky Top. However, King still wants to see if he gets the same feel elswhere before he makes his decison.

"I want to get down to Virginia and take a look real quick. They have such a high tradition in academics, and I wanna see if I can have the same relationship with their coaches as I do with Coach Sirmon. Me and Coach Sirmon have built such a great relationship these last few weeks."

"I got to talk with Coach Dooley some and asked him the questions that me and my parents thought of. I liked it how he was being honest and that is one thing that I really want, honesty in a coach. My parents loved it because it's close enough for them to come up every Saturday and watch me play, along with my brother being about a hour away. "

King, not only got to speak with the coaching staff, but got to meet and talk with some of the players.

"I saw Justin Hunter and flagged him down to talk to him some,but he had a cold. But I got to talk to Corey Miller and he showed me around the campus and I asked him the same questions I asked Coach Dooley. He told me the same honest answers and said that he loved it here. It proved to me that Coach Dooley is really honest and does sugar coat anything."

With all the talk about football, King got a chance to discuss his future in the classroom when he saw a UT counselor.

"I talked to a counselor about my major. He told me that Tennessee was really high in it, and I liked it since I want to help kids that have disabilities and can't run up and down the football field after my career is over."

With such high remarks, Tennessee might be the crown that fits. King told me that he still wants to see where it goes, but hopes to make a decision very soon.


Editors Note: Justin King committed on Monday, July 18--less than 12 hours after Cody McKee published this story. Keep checking KnoxVegasVols.com for more news concerning the big recruiting day for Tennessee. 

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